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"Thank you to @BabeeSafe for educating us today on baby & child first aid! Very important to all you new & old mums xxxxxx Michelle"

"When I got in touch with Betty Gat, the private instructor who had given me that lesson all those years ago, to thank her, she said how proud she was of me for doing what she’d taught me. I cried, because she gave me the knowledge that helped me save my daughter’s life." Myleene Klass


"Thank you so much to @babysafetraining, as I'm sure all you new mums or any other mums out there feel exactly the same as me now it's time to start weaning, slight panicky and unsure what to do in an emergency! After doing this session I feel more relaxed and confident! Peggy also knows what to do as you can see!" Joanne Beckham

"Thank you so much @babysafetraining! It was a great help!" Tom Daley & Dustin Black

"If anyone needs to do a paediatric first aid course I can HIGHLY recommend Betty Gat. She is very experienced, has a gift of teaching and explains everything in a way that everyone can easily understand, practise every bit on the dolls and makes sure everybody got it right, covers all the possible scenarios that u could ever get into and has answers to every question. As a plus the course took place in her very welcoming house so it all feels so relaxed. I could go on forever telling u how fab she is but will let u see for yourselves :-)"

"Hi Betty,
Hope you are well! Just a little message to say I will forever be grateful for having you round to do first aid! I have had to use it on a few occasions and two quite serious ones recently! One being today where my 7 year old daughter collapsed out cold for no reason. I feel having the first aid made me look at her rationally instead of loosing it and going into panic mode so thank u! X"

"Just had a FANTASTIC group session at home with Betty Gat from Baby Safe Training! (first aid training for babies and children) Found her through this group and all ten of us found it really helpful and brilliantly taught! Thank you Betty!x"

"I just wanted to say that if anyone is thinking of doing Baby/Child First Aid then I highly recommend Betty Gat - We did the course yesterday ahead of our first babies arrival and I feel so much more knowledgeable now. Hopefully I will never have to need what she teaches but it is very important to know the basics. Thanks Betty!"

"Amazing course! Great value, learnt all the essential things to do with first aid. Betty was a great teacher, thanks so much would definitely recommend to anyone with babies and young children xxx"

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the brilliant first aid course we did with you on Saturday. We all learnt so much, especially as it was so practical and in a small group situation. I would highly recommend this to all my friends who have children. Hopefully we'll never have to use some of the techniques, but if we did I think knowing what to do will help us not to panic too much!"

"Hey Betty I had to use first aid last night as my daughter was choking and temporarily couldn't breathe, scariest moment of my life but I'm so grateful I did your course as I would have blind panicked before and wouldn't really have known where to start so thanks for your clear and easy to understand and remember, methods of teaching, hopefully I don't have to use anything ever again but I will be keeping up with refreshers X"

"I just wanted to share with everyone, if our thinking about doing a paediatric first aid course i would highly recommend you do it with Betty Gat (shes in this group). I been putting mine of for ages because of price and the daunting experience of not knowing anyone. I found the atmosphere very friendly and a great price too. thx"

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